--Maria, 2013

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. I’ve been busy writing these past few months: a new mystery about a ditsy but street smart young woman, who’s fallen in love with a handsome detective. Now she’s “Suzy the Default Detective.” I’ve had a professional editor look it over, and I’m revising the whole ms, while simultaneously working on a sequel. You can see she’s captured my interest.

I’ve also published a brief piece on “past loves” for an anthology:Heartscapes,True Stories of Remembered Love. It’s available in bookstores or on Amazon.com. (My selection is called “Grease Revisited.”)

Still at Smashwords.com are my three stories of the ballet, called "Prima Ballerina," which draw on my dancing days. Download them for free from my page for your favorite ebook reader.

I’ve also done some traveling this year: to Ireland for the second time in October 2012, and whenever I get the chance, I head to Texas. That’s where I started the Suzy revision on my niece’s deck.

Welcome To My World!

--Texas, 2013

I've been a dancer, a wife, a mother, a teacher, and a writer. I'm still almost all those things, but the writer has taken center stage in my life. When I was in corporate communications for a large food wholesaler, I used to say I wrote the equivalent of a novel every three months. (I wrote and produced newsletters, magazines, video scripts, executive letters and sundry other missives. It was a big company with a small Communications department.) As every writer knows, when you write for a living, you don't have much time for your own creative writing. Now that I am not working full time, I have the leisure to write memoirs, short stories, novels and non-fiction, and believe me, this is more satisfying to my soul.

I am constantly learning, not only from my dear family and friends and students, but also from fellow writers, who so generously share their expertise and talents with me. I'm struck by the goodwill apparent in the writers' groups to which I belong, as well as the seminars and workshops I've attended. Not all the arts boast such benevolence. We write because we must, I think, because we need to put down on paper all these feelings and emotions and sorrows in order to understand ourselves better. At least for me, it makes my life real to see it in black and white.

On this website, you'll find some pieces I've written. I plan to change these intermittently, so - as my late husband would have said - Stay Tuned.

--Maria, Spring 2007